How does Stepping Stones for Tourism work?

Stepping Stones for Tourism is a program which builds capacity for Indigenous communities and individuals to more effectively engage with tourism issues, to explore ideas for tourism involvement in their areas and to introduce steps for sound tourism development planning.

Stepping Stones has particular utility for use on Aboriginal lands, for community planning, for use with Indigenous communities associated with protected areas and for more detailed concept development of emerging Indigenous tourism product.

Stepping Stones is a very flexible tool. It can be used to scope or assess projects that are in their early stages. It can be used as a fully-fledged participatory planning tool for helping people with a tourism idea to get the idea up and running. It can be used to develop concept plans, business plans and tourism management and development plans for Indigenous managed or jointly managed protected areas. For emerging and established tourism enterprises, it can be a very useful product development tool to increase the quality, integrity and marketability of an Indigenous tourism product.

The steps themselves have been designed around a core strategic planning process, but one adapted from years of use and development running participatory processes with Indigenous groups. They contain elements of both standard business planning as well as land management planning. The Stepping Stones for Tourism have been designed to balance looking after country with the goals of business development. Along the way, the steps carefully consider the issues, capacity and needs of families and communities.

Working through the steps means that communities and individuals can better explain their idea to people and help win the necessary support to make their ideas work.