What different types of Stepping Stones activities are there?

Stepping Stones programs can vary according to the needs of a project. Ideally Stepping Stones is used over a period of time with components added as the project or business develops. There are four main types of Stepping Stones activities.

Typical duration
Typical components
Stepping Stones Briefing
1/2 day
  • What is Stepping Stones for Tourism?
  • Update on Indigenous tourism developments
  • Examples of Stepping Stones for Tourism in practice
Stepping Stones Preliminary Assessment
2 days
  • Introduction to Stepping Stones for Tourism
  • What is tourism?
  • Group / enterprise assessment of concept, capacity and context
  • Initial training needs assessment
  • Definition of next steps
Stepping Stones Planning
4 – 5 days
  • Full participatory planning exercise with site visits
  • Capacity building components included as appropriate
  • Form of plan produced according to needs of group / enterprise
  • Training needs assessment
  • Detailed action plans defining future steps
Stepping Stones Extended Support
Minimum of
2+5+5 days
  • Stepping Stones assessment
  • Full participatory planning exercise
  • Follow on support according to needs of project, negotiated in partnership with stakeholders